Cruise Honeymoon Packages – Exploring Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Cruise Honeymoon Packages Exploring Australias Great Barrier Reef

After planning an elaborate wedding, honeymoon cruises offer the ideal way to unwind. Packages usually include couples massage, champagne and chocolates.

The Great Barrier Reef is an impressive natural phenomenon and UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans 2900 km/1600 miles with 74 islands.

1. Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises offers semi-inclusive fares on upscale ships carrying only 700 passengers and features semi-inclusive fares with destination immersion as its core value. On board there’s a boutique spa, superb selection of restaurants and elegant yet casual atmosphere; though children are welcome aboard for certain cruises, Azamara focuses more heavily on adults experiencing these destinations first-hand.

Experience overnight stays in smaller, lesser-travelled ports on every voyage with AzAmazing evening shore excursions that provide unforgettable “wow” events – an excellent way to immerse themselves into each destination they visit and discover its wonders! Suites feature English butler service. These voyages also include AzAmazing evening shore excursions as a free way of immersing oneself into local cultures and living like locals! Suites also come equipped with English butler service and suites feature English butler service! Plus each voyage comes equipped with AzAmazing evening shore excursions that provide memorable “wow” events which help immerse one into each destination visited!

Onboard activities feature culinary and fitness classes as well as lectures about the destinations you will visit, plus there is also a gym equipped with state-of-the-art machines as well as spa offering treatments.

Azamara itineraries are truly extensive and diverse, spanning Australia to South East Asia or New Zealand and more. To truly experience Azamara’s luxurious, adult-only cruise experience, consider embarking on their 52-night voyage from Lyttleton to Cairns in 2024 that visits Antarctica’s Ross Sea as well as various Pacific islands and an overnight on a Great Barrier Reef island – this truly incredible journey awaits!

2. Carnival

As the largest coral reef system on earth, the Great Barrier Reef is home to incredible biodiversity. Explore this UNESCO-recognized natural treasure with snorkeling trips or glass-bottom boat tours to observe marine life up close and personal in their habitats. May to October is considered prime time to visit when temperatures are optimal and visibility at its highest.

Enjoy memorable day trips on the Great Barrier Reef by embarking on special tours, such as private island picnics or scenic helicopter rides. Some tours are even eco-friendly and designed to preserve and protect its ecosystem, so that you can feel good about your visit.

As soon as it’s time to rest your weary legs from exploring Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, return to your cabin and unwind with a bottle of champagne or massage from room service – plus breakfast in bed or even romantic dinner for two! When traveling on honeymoon it is essential that there be time for relaxation – which is why most cruise lines include couple’s spa treatments and cocktails in their cruise packages for honeymooners.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruise honeymoons provide the ideal way for newlyweds to relax and unwind after their special day together. From underwater exploration like Scuba Diving or lounging around on an idyllic beach, Great Barrier Reef cruises provide the perfect romantic escape.

The extraordinary reef system can be seen from outer space, yet you don’t have to travel so far to appreciate its breathtaking beauty. Explore this natural phenomenon through snorkeling or scuba diving and you’ll encounter an underwater realm full of coral formations, manta rays, Maori wrasse, potato cods, six of seven marine turtle species as well as whales – truly an underwater treasure chest!

Norwegian Cruise Line boasts itineraries across the globe and offers couples plenty of packages that they can select. Their signature Freestyle Cruising allows customers to design their vacation experience to their own tastes; in addition, romantic add-ons such as champagne, flowers, and breakfast in bed can add even more romance!

Cunard offers a selection of luxury cruise options. While they’re best known for sailing between Europe and North America, they also provide cruises visiting Australia and Asia. Their packages offer amenities such as champagne, flowers, breakfast in bed as well as extra features like personalized photo albums and spa-at-sea experiences.

4. Oceania Cruises

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s great wonders, visible from space and bustling with life beneath its surface. Visitors can explore it many different ways – diving, snorkelling, flying and sailing above it or staying within it at one of its private islands or reef pontoons; sleeping within is another option! You don’t have to be an experienced diver or avid snorkeller – simply book your tour through a tour operator like GetYourGuide or Viator and relax knowing everything will run smoothly!

Oceania Cruises is an upper premium cruise line that seamlessly blends luxury with exceptional value, promising guests “your world, your way”. Their motto is “your world, your way” as their attentive staff deliver an idyllic onboard experience with gourmet dining, elegant accommodations, superb amenities and endless entertainment and enrichment options such as 12-piece orchestras or guest lecturers – not to mention delightful and gracious afternoon tea parties every day!

Oceania Cruises pride themselves on culinary excellence and are members of the esteemed Chaine des Rotisseurs. All cruises feature gourmet dining at at least four restaurants with some itineraries offering up to six. Wine tastings may also be offered for an additional cost and La Reserve and Privee dining experiences can be booked separately at additional costs.