Affordable Australia Honeymoon Packages for Every Budget Australia Honeymoon Packages for Every Budget

Have a beach honeymoon or mountain vacation on your mind? No matter the budget you have in mind, you’re sure to find a package to meet it. Booking during shoulder months for lower rates and greater availability can often prove most cost effective. You can find all the options in the First Light Travel article

Visit Tasmania for its pink granite peaks and pristine white sandy beaches, or Kakadu to take in its natural splendor and learn about Aboriginal culture through 20,000-year-old rock art at Uluru-Kata Tjuta.


Sydney is an elegant and sophisticated city known for its picturesque harbor full of islands, coves and inlets. A popular honeymoon destination, recent immigration trends have led to Sydney being known as one of the world’s most culturally diverse and liveable cities.

How Can You Navigate Sydney Inexpensively Using Public Transit Ferries are available throughout Sydney Harbor, while subway and bus systems cover much of town. Dining In – Instead of dining out, consider dining at home instead – try finding an amazing view, such as Mrs Macquaries Chair to North Head or in the Royal Botanic Garden’s shady spots – or taking it with you for a picnic on one of Manly Wharf ferries back to Circular Quay from Manly Wharf!

Blue Mountains National Park is a two-hour train journey from Sydney and home to UNESCO World Heritage-listed wilderness, including Three Sisters rock formation and Giant Stairway; both offer scenic vistas of towering sandstone towers. Take the short trail at Echo Point to reach Three Sisters rock formation. Alternatively, follow Giant Stairway back down into Jamison Valley via Jamison Valley Station with breathtaking sandstone tower views from this scenic train ride.


Australia provides couples looking for an idyllic romantic escape, from breathtaking white beaches, lush forests and adrenaline-packed cities, to luxurious spa services and scenic boat rides; wine tasting in sun-drenched vineyards or cozy mountain retreats. It has everything from spa services and boat tours to cozy mountain retreats – Australia provides unforgettable memories!

Take a tour of Melbourne to witness its iconic sites, such as Federation Square and Eureka Tower. After that, venture onto Sydney to admire iconic structures like Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge before discovering coastal town Byron Bay for its beautiful beaches, unique shopping, dining and recreational offerings.

Australia can be expensive, but you can keep costs under control by planning ahead and selecting appropriate hotels and activities. Public buses offer the lowest transportation cost; some offers even include meals and transportation! Also bear in mind that Australia is known as an alcohol-consuming society, with prices for everything from the “goon” (boxed wine at only $10 for five liters) to high-end wines served in expensive bars.


Tropical Queensland offers idyllic white beaches and palm-lined resorts – an idyllic backdrop for honeymooners.

Cairns is home to many popular beachside destinations, but Daydream Island stands out among them with one of the region’s largest resorts – perfect for couples looking for an idyllic place to unwind over several days in crystal-clear waters and relax on its sandy beach.

Daintree Wilderness Lodge provides guests with an exotic Australian experience like no other, with private rainforest cabins connected by boardwalks offering beautiful vistas from within the comfort of their rooms. Wildlife can often be seen around this property such as Cassowaries, Boyd’s Forest Dragons, Striped Possums and Monitor Lizards while strolling through its park.

Cairns Night Market offers visitors looking for more budget-friendly activities an exciting and affordable experience of local culture, offering tasty cheap meals from vendors while browsing an abundance of low-cost souvenirs. If you plan on partaking in multiple popular activities during their stay, purchasing a combo ticket (Skyrail up and Railway down) when booking can help save money!


Tasmania offers couples who desire a romantic nature honeymoon an idyllic retreat, from lush rainforest and wilderness areas to private canoe trips and visits to Kuranda Koala Gardens – providing ample opportunity for adventures of every sort and making this trip one they’ll always remember!

Noosa offers newlyweds an idyllic seaside escape, boasting more than one third of its land as protected reserves – making this eco-friendly honeymoon spot in Australia one of the top picks.

Noosa is well known for its beautiful beaches and clear ocean waters that provide fantastic surfing and snorkeling opportunities. Couples who love hiking will especially appreciate exploring Noosa National Park with its picturesque waterfalls and scenic walking trails.

Australian honeymoons may feature other nature-inspired excursions such as Uluru, which is renowned for its iconic sunset and ochre landscapes. Here, the history of First Nations can be discovered through various tours that bring guests around Uluru-Kata Tjuta while uncovering rock paintings depicting ancestral stories.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of nature’s most breathtaking attractions, drawing millions of snorkelers and divers every year to its beautiful marine life. Paired with beautiful beaches and lush rainforests, the reef provides a luxurious tropical honeymoon paradise experience.

Experience an unforgettable honeymoon on the pristine islands of the Great Barrier Reef with your sweetheart. Unwind on idyllic white sand beaches while the soothing waves roll in. Hike to hidden coves where wallabies hop through trees like miniature kangaroos. Cruise across deep cobalt waters where humpback whales with massive offsprings appear to frolic around.

The Great Barrier Reef is at its most beautiful during the dry season from November through June. Take a coral diving tour or land on a pontoon to snorkel and discover it all for yourself.

Wilson Island offers private island stays and gourmet picnics on an eco retreat located in the Great Barrier Reef, so that guests can sleep under the stars under its blanket of stars. Or find peace on Freycinet Beaches where pink granite peaks meet pristine waters attracting visitors seeking romance or adventure.